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A content interview is an excellent way for you to add new material to your blog or website.

Do you have a problem sometimes trying to come up with ideas for material? Websites need fresh content added regularly, that’s a must. Coming up with ideas on what to write about can often be a problem. Very often in this situation, you look around to see what kind of material is being published on other similar sites. Then you find something that appeals to you and you decide “this looks OK, I’ll write about that too!”.

That’s all very well, you write your own unique article about the subject and publish it. Great, that’s taken care of that! Now you can carry on doing any other work.

The only snag is, there is nothing original about it. It is rehashed material! Yes, the content is unique since you just wrote it yourself, but but there is nothing unique about it and nothing fresh. You are definitely not alone in this situation, many others have the same problem when coming up with new material.

Interviews can be one solution to this. The overall process goes like this: you find somebody willing to answer a few questions; you prepare those questions; prepare the equipment; conduct the interview and record it; transcribe it; then publish it and you are done. Fresh unique content just added to your website from a content interview.

Who to interview: Its always best to look for people in the same nice as your self, or something closely related to it. Look first in the group of people that you know, as they are most likely to be the easiest. Failing that, you can search for local businesses in your area, and either telephone them or even walk in and ask them. Also you can look online for candidates, maybe other website owners, or other people who are active in your favourite forum, or anywhere really. Just send them a message or an email.

Remember that people will be wondering what’s in it for them, and why should they agree. Well, you will be offering them some free publicity, and maybe even a backlink to their website. Almost nobody will turn down the chance of free publicity.

Also remember that people might be reluctant to help with your content interview because they do not have enough time, thinking that an interview is likely to last an hour or more. You can assure them that it should only take around fifteen to twenty minutes total.

Prepare your questions: This part should be easy, as there are a whole range of questions that can be asked, but they will vary depending on the niche involved. If I was interviewing somebody along the general theme of ways to make money online, then I might ask questions such as how they got started in their business; any advice for new people thinking of getting involved; biggest changes that have had an effect recently; and etc.

The biggest concern when preparing your questions would be, how many should you prepare. There is no easy answer to this one, experience is the best way to find this out. One suggestion would be to prepare six main questions on a suitable card, and then prepare some extra questions that you can use if necessary. The reason for the backup set of questions is in case that you are not getting enough interview content from the answers during the session.

Remember that you can use all these questions as a template for any future interviews.

Prepare the equipment: The first time you conduct an interview, there will be a little work involved in setting it up correctly for recording. Fortunately you will be able to benefit from this in any future interviews. Whichever method of recording you use, make sure you try it out beforehand, and test it. The easiest way is probably by using Skype. You can use Skype to call other Skype users free, and you can call regular land-line numbers also.

There is no in-built feature in Skype for call recording at this time, so you will need to use some extra software to achieve this. Two suggestions for you are Audacity (free), or Supertintin, which I have not used personally but have heard good reports about. There are of course, numerous others also. Make sure to do a trial session first, either by recording yourself, or perhaps a mock content interview call with a friend, and listen to the playback to make sure that its OK.

Conduct the interview: Once you have the questions and the equipment set-up, the interview itself is a breeze. Do your best to protect your recording, try to ensure that there is no background noise. Then briefly introduce yourself, introduce your interviewee and allow him/her to respond, then off you go with your first question. Listen carefully to the answers during the content interview, maybe ask for some extra details whenever necessary, but just be careful about going too far off-topic.

Transcribe and publish: Now all you have to do is type your interview content from the playback, and make it look presentable. If you think that there is more than enough content for one article, then why not split it in two, make two articles, part one, and part two, that you can publish separately.

There you have it, a smart and easy approach for gathering new content, that you can use over and over.

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