Guest Posting – Boost Your Readership With This Free Method

Guest posting is a powerful method of getting publicity and increasing the traffic to your website. And its totally free.

Here is the summary of how it works: Write an article and then give it away to another blog owner. When the article gets published on the other blog, those other readers will see your name and also they will see links to your site. Some of those readers will come along to visit your site to check it out. Instant exposure!

Here is a bit more detail on this method of guest posting on blogs. First you have to find other blogs or websites that you can submit to. Obviously these must be related to the theme of your own website. Finding some should not be too difficult. You will probably be aware of lots of other sites already, since the time when you were doing research for your own website. You can find many others just by searching for them. To do this, go to your favourite search engine and type something like the following into the search box:

“keyword” + intitle:”guest contributor”
“keyword” + intitle:”guest post guidelines”

Replace the word “keyword” with your own. For example, if I was searching for places where I could guest post, I might try:

“earn extra money” + intitle:”guest contributor”

You can try using various other phrases after the word intitle, such as ”write for us”, ”submit your contribution”. Play around with it, and you should find a group of suitable websites with not too much effort.

You will have to spend some time visiting these sites, to decide which one are suitable for you. It is probably advisable to skip past the top level ones, and try to zoom in on ones that are slightly further down the list, ones that are more related to the level of your own website. Read some of the article posts there and also read through the comments.

You want to make sure that the site is actually getting some traffic and has some subscribers, preferably more than your own site. The number of comments, and any numbers next to the social bookmark buttons (number of ‘likes’, number of feed subscribers) will help you to judge that. Make a bookmark of all the sites that you think are potential. Do not limit yourself to just one, try to get a list of at least ten to start with.

Start writing some articles next. Actually it probably does not matter whether you start contacting the website owners first, it will depend on any submission guidelines in each website. Make sure that they are decent articles, ones that you are proud to sign your name to. Do not think of it as a waste of effort, remember that even if some sites reject your submissions, you can still use the articles on your own website, or other guest posting submissions.

You might think that you should change your writing style to suit the other websites. Generally there is no need to do that. The article will include links to your own website, and since you hope to attract visitors in this manner, then really your style should remain consistent throughout.

When it comes to making contact with the website owners, there are a few different methods that you can try. The easiest way is direct contact, by filling in their “Contact Us” page on the website and sending an appropriate message. If the option is available to attach your article, then do this also. Increase your chances by telling them how much you admire their site, and demonstrate that you are familiar with much of their site, even mention some of their existing articles. Also remember that they will be examining your site for themselves, so be truthful.

Then its a matter of wait and see. Some, hopefully, will say yes, some will say no, and unfortunately some will just ignore your message.

Rather than the direct approach, there are some other tactics you can use which are generally more likely to be successful. Take some time to try and interact with them first. Start adding some cracking comments to some of their articles. Also consider mentioning them in an article on your own website, and linking to them (they will get automatically notified of this through a ping-back). Be creative and think outside the box, any method you like that helps you to get noticed there. Then they are much more likely to at least give your article submission some serious thought when the time comes.

Guest posting is truly a win-win situation for both parties. The website owner gets some free quality content, something that every website owner needs. You get instant exposure to all the visitors to the other website. So make sure to incorporate some guest posting into your regular routine. As you continue to build up a rapport with these other website owners, you also open the door to other future prospects, such as joint ventures and ad-swaps.

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