Increase Website Traffic – Part Two

If you build it, they just might come, so try to hold on to them!

I mentioned a few points in the last article on how to increase website traffic, and today we will be looking at some more. Here’s a link to that last article for your convenience increase website traffic.

First I want to make it clear that the items mentioned n the last article are all items that should be seen to before your website goes live to the public. The reason for the distinction is simply this, failure to check and fix all those items will have the effect of driving away traffic from your website.

When you drive away traffic for any of those reasons, its very unlikely that they are going to come back any time in the future. Well, yes it is possible that they would, but there is absolutely no reason for you to risk losing them in the first place.

Say for example that your website is slow to load. How long do you think visitors will stay around while looking at a blank page or one that is painfully loading? For the majority of people, its going to be fifteen to twenty seconds tops. Most people nowadays have access to high speed internet,and are accustomed to sites loading pretty fast. If it gets a bit painful for them, they just move on.

You must also realise that in many parts of the world, users are still using dial-up internet, or have slow connections. Millions of people worldwide are in this situation. Any slowness issues on your website are going to be multiplied for these users, and you will have virtually no chance of ever attracting them as potential customers.

Try to keep full control of all images, banners or decorations that are being displayed. Get it all uploaded to your own host server as much as possible, so that you are not dependant on outside servers very much. Overall, try to keep images to the minimum.

So I want to briefly re-emphasise the importance of inspecting your website, use multiple browsers, ask your friends, and locate and fix any of those elements. All proven methods to help increase website traffic.

Now that all those are out of the way, when your visitors arrive they are duly impressed, and stay for a while to look around. We want more than that however, we want them coming back. The next few strategies are all items to be included in your website as soon as possible. This does not mean that you have to stop everything and get them all done at once. No, you can take the time to learn and implement each of these in turn, .

Email newsletter/auto-responder: This method still works very well. You add a small form to your website, asking for your visitors email address. Better still, have more than one form – have one at the top section of your page, another at the bottom of your articles, and maybe also a timed pop-up or light-box. All these methods are proven to work. In return you promise to send them quality information by email and not to spam them. The advantage for you is that you build up a list of subscribers. Then by sending regular quality emails you continue to gain their trust, get them listening to your recommendations and returning to your website.

People who are experienced with surfing the internet are generally reluctant to offer up their email address unless you really can offer something of value in return. Be prepared to offer them something free in return, and always over-deliver. To digress just for a moment, there was a spoof TV advert campaign where I live, for washing powder. Buy this washing powder, get a free washing machine to go with it, a free home to put it in, and they would even tarmac your driveway. Hehe. That’s ludicrously extreme but you get the idea, offer them value.

RSS feed – Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication, a great way to increase website traffic. This allows people to subscribe to your website without subscribing to your email newsletter. They get automatically updated via their chosen news reader whenever you add new content to your site

Social bookmarking – There are a wide range of popular social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Your posts should include those familiar ‘share’ buttons for all of the sites that you are involved with. If you are not involved with any of these yet, then you are losing out on lots of extra potential traffic. It really is vital that you start joining and participating in these networks, each one of them has the potential to increase website traffic even further. Just remember to read, understand, and obey the different etiquette rules of each one.

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