An Internet Business From Product Creation

I would love to know the statistics about how many people would like to have an internet business of their own. I do not actually know the figures, but if there was a poll or a survey, and one of the questions was “Would you like to have your own internet business”, then I imagine that percentage would be pretty high.

The fact is, most people do not own or run any business, instead most people in the world are employees of somebody else. My daddy always used to tell me “you will never make money working for somebody else”. That sums it up fairly well. This is what the Wiki has to say on the subject of an internet business.

One of the easiest ways of making money from the internet is to sell something. It might be something of your own, or it might belong to somebody else where you get a commission for any sales. The things that are sold are usually called “products”. The types of products that sell very well are information products.

If you are wondering what an information product is, let me explain briefly. An information product or info-product is usually a book or a video that teaches how to do something. It can be any topic, such as ‘how to catch the best trout’, ’50 ways how to cook an egg’, or even like this one ‘how to start an internet business from product creation’, any topic at all, you get the idea.

Usually the books are converted to some digital format (example such as PDF or ‘acrobat’ format), and are called ebooks. Then the ebooks, videos, and even sound recordings are made available online from a website. If people come looking for these items, they can purchase online and get the items instantly.

Now here is a real-life scenario, from not too long ago. It was a general conversation in my local bar actually, and we happened to be chatting about internet stuff. My friend says something like “Well Brian, I am a bricklayer, I know nothing about the internet, so this does not apply to me”.

I thought about that for a little, and decided it might be fun to try to convert him. Breaking down what he said, the response goes something like this:

  1. Bricklayers have skills that can be sold in the do-it-yourself market, maybe how to build a straight wall or how to construct a backyard barbecue.
  2. When somebody says they know nothing about the internet, it’s just not true. You know all you need to know. I know nothing about cars, but yet I know how to operate and drive one. Also I know when to call a mechanic for help. In the world of computers and internet, there are lots of ‘mechanics’ available, and are easy to find, even in the telephone directory.
  3. Yes this ‘can’ apply to you, but only if you want it to. There is always a demand for this information, it would be easy enough to make video recordings showing how, then written instructions added, and it could then be sold.

My response went something like that, probably not in those exact words, and my friend had one of those “Ahhh I see!” moments.

That example is included because that can apply to anybody. We all have certain skills and those skills can nearly always be parcelled into an info-product.

Selling info-products online is a great way to start an internet business and make money. If they are your own products, even better. Experts say that you really should consider this route (your own products) if you want to earn some decent money.

Try to make full use of multimedia in your products. If you have an ebook, then try to also create a video and an audio version. This gives your potential customers more choice, as each person has their own favourite. For example people who drive for a living would be very likely to appreciate the audio version.

Product creation is easy. All you are doing is putting your thoughts on paper, so to speak. Problems such as “but I can’t write” can be easily overcome. Speak it and record yourself, then get it transcribed by somebody else. If you are making a sound recording and are unhappy with your own voice, hire somebody else. You can easily move past these problems, just use some thought.

When your customers are at the point of sale, why not allow them the choice of any single media, and offer a higher price for all versions.

The real beauty of product creation is that you can turn your own idea into several new ideas. Maybe you start out with a single concept, you can continue to develop that concept into other product ideas. Maybe come up with a series of similar ideas. Customers always like the idea of a series because they can keep returning to your website when they need more information.

If you do not have the time to develop extra products yourself, but you have the idea, there are thousands of companies out there that will do your product creation for you. Allow them free reign on your idea and they are bound to help generate lots more income for you. Getting outside help when necessary is a great way to enhance an internet business.

P.S. My bricklayer friend never went ahead. He did not ‘take action’. Do not let this happen to you.

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