WordPress And Google And Sliced Bread

earnextramoney-wordpressandgoogleWordPress is the greatest thing since sliced bread! There, I have said it. I completely love this totally free platform for publishing on the internet. WordPress and Google combined are the next greatest thing since that, like maybe the toaster.

The technical term for WordPress is a CMS, or Content Management System. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Well, it is a system that allows you to manage your own content on the internet. Content can be anything such as text, videos, images, most sorts of multimedia objects are allowed. WordPress allows you to display everything just the way you like it, and if you change your mind and decide that you need to modify something, its no problem to go back and make adjustments.

And the greatest thing about WordPress is that Google just loves it. With WordPress sites, it always seem to be easier to climb the ranks in the search views, thus get noticed and attract visitors to your website.

What do I mean by climbing the ranks in the search views? When you search for something in Google, after you type in whatever it is that you are searching for, your internet browser displays the first ten items corresponding to your search. Those ten items are the top ‘ranked’ websites for your search. Obviously the ones on page one will get a lot more visitors than the ones on page two, and so on. And the ones at the top of page one get more visitors than the ones at the bottom of the page.

Obviously the ones down around page fifty are not likely to get any visitors. If you build it, no, that does not mean that they will come! If your website IS down around page fifty, then you need to try to move up closer to page one. Every website owner hopes to reach the top of page one. This is what is called climbing the ranks.

Here are some of the key factors that make WordPress and Google such a force.

Adding Content – WordPress makes it very easy to add new content. Google really likes it when you add fresh new content to your website, and WordPress makes this so easy to do, easier than any other type of publishing platform. This is definitely a big factor for ranking high in Google. When you regularly add new content to your WordPress website, Google will take notice of this.

From the eyes of Google, regular new content is important for two reasons. Number one is that it means a website has not been abandoned and possibly becoming obsolete. Number two is that fresh content will appear more relevant in the eyes of Google. Fresh and new posts will gain some extra weight as they are more related to events that are happening in the world right now.

Strength of Posts – The way WordPress is designed, every time you add a new post to your website, this is treated as a new web page, with its very own hyper-link (this is the http address link that every web page has). The way Google works, every web page has a chance of getting indexed and ranked.

Every time you create a post on WordPress you have the chance of getting another web page indexed in Google. When you add new posts regularly to your website that means you are getting more pages indexed in Google, each one with a chance of gaining a high rank in web searches.

Before WordPress, it was a lot more difficult to add web pages. People had to know a lot more about HTML, and it was so difficult that most people would not do it. Sites in the traditional HTML style tend to have a lot less pages because of this. But working with WordPress makes it so easy, it is possible to have hundreds of pages with very little difficulty. If all these extra pages are relevant to the overall theme of your website, your website gains more authority, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Add-ons and Plug-ins – WordPress is free, and is also what is known as Open Source (meaning built by the community for the community). As a result of that, there are thousands of add-ons, called plug-ins, that can be added. Most of these plug-ins are also free of charge, although some of them are not. The most common one is probably Akismet, which is installed by default in any new WordPress installation. Akismet handles spam, by identifying it and automatically blocking it from any comments on your website, similar to the way that spam email is handled.

Probably the next most common and most useful plug-in is called All-In-One SEO. This handles some tasks that help your page optimization, involving meta tags. This might seem complicated, but it is not, as the All-In-One SEO software makes it very easy. At the bottom of each post you just type in the title of your post, a brief description, and some keyword phrases relevant to your post (if you are writing about green apples, you can put “green apples, apples” as your keyword phrase). The software does all the complicated stuff behind the scenes, helping your post to appear whenever people search for those terms.

There are many different types of plug-in. Some are for security, tools that help to backup your website and keep you safe from any hackers; some are cosmetic, maybe add some decoration to your post to make it look good; some are tools, such as site-maps that generate a list of all the pages in your web site (another must for Google); and the list goes on and on.

Any time while you are surfing that you see an interesting feature on a web page, it is very likely due to a plug-in. This means you can probably add the very same feature to your own web site, just have a search for it.

Those three points help to make sure that WordPress continues to be a favourite of Google. Combining WordPress and Google means everybody has a chance of reaching a top ranking, not just the major companies. Start your own web site today, and have a go.

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